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Paranotek is an international startup by Finnish technology and design experts working together with US partners. Paranotek believes it's time for people and companies to have their privacy back and data secured. With this philosophy, they develop software and apps for everyday life in the public sector, companies, families and private individuals.

Paranotek’s products range from data storage, sharing and instant messaging to various software suites that are all based on their disruptive security technology. Paranotek will never collect your data and sell it forward and no one can access your data, unless you want them to.

For more details, please visit Paranotek Website.


Smartphones and social media are part of the everyday lives of today's young people and even children. Do you as a parent know what your kids are doing with their smartphones?

Swantry is a comprehensive mobile application that allows you to create a safe online environment for your child, without hampering your child's social life. Swantry ensures that your child communicates securely and only with trusted contacts, and moves where you have jointly agreed.

The application features military-grade, triple-paranoid-encryption, keeping your child's identity, pictures, videos and messages safe. Swantry – make the digital world safe for your children.

For more details, please visit Swantry Website.

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