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Companies Where Hollywood and Technology Meet. WorldFlix Group of Companies Includes:

WorldFlix Entertainment Management

WorldFlix Entertainment Management (WEM) understands that we live in an "Ideas World" where the creative is at the very center of any film endeavor.

WEM is a global enterprise managing film artists worldwide, from the United States, Canada, India and Europe. As a result there are no boundaries. We are a wide-ranging collective forum of unique thinkers. Out ranks include producers, directors, actors, writers, composers, director of photography, production designers, editors and costume designers. We embrace inspired thought and pioneering movies.

WEM understands the international marketplace, having developed projects in the United States, Canada, China, India, the United Arab Emirates, Scandinavia and Malaysia. Our mission is simple: to create award-winning and unique stories for a diverse international audience, by matching visionary and award-winning filmmakers with bankable foreign sales markets. We are a film and television management agency dedicated to developing the careers of filmmakers both in front of and behind the camera.

As part of our company’s foundation we are now acquiring and adapting literary properties and original published works for the big and small screen.

Based in Palm Springs and Los Angeles, California, WEM develops finances and produces feature films and television productions for both the domestic and the international marketplaces.

Another major component of WEM is to connect Hollywood with technology by partnering with technology clients and connecting startups with Hollywood.

For project submissions, please visit WEM Website.


Paranotek is an international startup by Finnish technology and design experts working together with US partners. Paranotek believes it's time for people and companies to have their privacy back and data secured. With this philosophy, they develop software and apps for everyday life in the public sector, companies, families and private individuals.

Paranotek’s products range from data storage, sharing and instant messaging to various software suites that are all based on their disruptive security technology. Paranotek will never collect your data and sell it forward and no one can access your data, unless you want them to.

For more details, please visit Paranotek Website.

App Farm

Apps are a multi-billion dollar industry growing at an incredible rate!

At App Farm, we believe that apps are the future, which is why we invest in the growth of profitable mobile apps of all kinds.

With the huge success of games such as Candy Crush, which generated half a million dollars in profits within the first year after launching!

Or communication apps that were bought by major companies for BILLIONS of DOLLARS, like WhatsApp.

App Farm runs publicized contests awarding between $5,000 and $20,000 dollars for the best apps! We even provide winners with royalties and fees!

Our expert panel picks a carefully researched selection of apps that have high pontential to achieve success.

Even our investors get a chance to vote for the apps they like best!

The selected apps are built and marketed, with profits reinvested to find, acquire and build new exciting apps.

We think apps are the future and growing apps is like – growing the future!

App Farm – Building apps for Today’s Connected World!

For more details, please visit App Farm Website.


Smartphones and social media are part of the everyday lives of today's young people and even children. Do you as a parent know what your kids are doing with their smartphones?

Swantry is a comprehensive mobile application that allows you to create a safe online environment for your child, without hampering your child's social life. Swantry ensures that your child communicates securely and only with trusted contacts, and moves where you have jointly agreed.

The application features military-grade, triple-paranoid-encryption, keeping your child's identity, pictures, videos and messages safe. Swantry – make the digital world safe for your children.

For more details, please visit Swantry Website.


Drobbits is a browser based game creator that requires no coding skills at all. Just sign up and start using Drobbits on your web browser. Work at home or on the go with almost any device from PCs to mobile phones.

Drobbits features a familiar windowed interface where you drag and drop elements and commands to build your game. Make a game and publish it with a click of a button across all major mobile and desktop platforms plus the web.

As CEO and Founder, Brad Listermann, said: "This could truly change the independent gaming world. No other software in gaming can accomplish this – or come close, in my opinion. This is truly the next level."

For more details, please visit Drobbits Website.

WorldFlix Technology Holdings also includes:

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